Nazarbayev ratifies Joint Air Defense treaty with Russia

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has ratified the treaty establishing a joint air defense system in Kazakhstan and Russia, Tengrinews reports referring to the presidential website. The law will now be published in the official media before it comes into effect.

“The President has endorsed the law On ratification of the treaty between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation on establishing a joint regional air defense system,” the official website of the President reports.

The purpose of this regional system of Kazakhstan and Russia is to protect the airspace and ensure security of the two countries.

During peaceful time the AA system will remain in operational readiness and participate in Kazakh-Russian joint exercises. Each country’s air defense units will stay under their country’s command, but will follow common standards of operational and combat training.

During wartime the AA system of the two countries will be used in accordance with their joint vision and plans.

The list of the military units and command centers that will become part of the new system will be approved within three months after the agreement comes into force. The commander who leads the Air Defense System will be appointed jointly by Kazakhstan and Russia. The command will be stationed in Almaty.

Source: Tengrinews

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