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We provide a nice range of marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Kashagan Today Offers*

  • 5,000+ unique visitors daily
  • 180,000+ monthly visits
  • 250,000+ monthly pageviews

*as of May 2014

Key Audience Profile

Kashagan Today connects with an affluent, engaged readership. We reach an international audience of creative professionals, business workers, digital artists and Oil and Gas professionals, who are 85% male, aged 24-35 years.

Kashagan Today Advertising Opportunities

There are two different ways to advertise with Kashagan Today. The small number of banners makes each one more effective and targeted to the interests of our readers. We would still recommend all of the options for the maximum exposure.

Sidebar Banner

This banner is integrated in the left sidebar within the block with popular posts, alongside blog content on the homepage and across some of the Kashagan Today pages.

Banner Formats

Kashagan Today offers several options for reaching our audience through banner advertisements.

Front Page – Banner A:

  • banner location: run of site (ROS); on the middle-right sidebar;
  • banner size: 290×600 pixels;
  • file types: static picture, JavaScript script, HTML code.
Banner A - 290 x 600 px

Banner A – 290 x 600 px


Article page – Banner B:

  • banner location: right sidebar of article page;
  • banner size: 290×600 pixels;
  • file types: static picture, HTML code, JavaScript script.

Banner B – 290 x 600 px

If you have any inquiries, please Email us at . Please note that your ad banners can still be placed on any section of the website.

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