Kashagan News Review: Issue #1 by Eleanor Casely

It’s been a busy week for the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev
This is Kashagan Today, and I’m Eleanor Casely.

President of Kazakhstan had number of meetings held in a last 2 weeks which marked a New Cooperation Era and resulted to various agreements and projects:

It’s King of Jordan and King of Bahrain visited Kazakh President in Astana. Nazarbayev also met Italian Prime Minster and South Korean President and Chairman of board of Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation.

These meetings resulted Strategic Agreement Sign with Eni and KazMunayGas, Korean Samsung C&T to sell $19 Billion Electric Power to Kazakh Government, Korean Resources Company to take part in ores complex exploration and Toyota Cars Production to kick off in northern Kazakhstan and other major projects.

Kazakhstan expands political and economic ties with Paris, creates business council on trade and economic partnership with Canada and became full partner of European Committee for Standardization.

These would all benefit for Expo 2017 which already recognized by Bureau of International Expositions.
The country is full of technologies!

Kazakhstan plans to develop smartphone based payment system.
And its millonairs invest into electronics developing startups together with Roman Abramovich!

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