NCPSA Consortium Hands Over Kids Hospital to Residents of Atyrau


North Caspian Operating Company B.V. (NCOC) and NC Production Operations Company (NCPOC) today handed over to residents of Atyrau Region its 73rd and 74th projects built under the NCPSA Social and Infrastructure Program (SIP).

The fully-equipped hospital for 110 kids includes two surgery units, resuscitation and orthopaedic units, pharmacy and support facilities, like transformer substation and boiler room. The hospital also has a ward for newborn babies, patients with burns and first aid room.

Opening the event, NCOC’s External Relations Director Pierre Delpont said that “the facility is one of the 155 projects, with a total value of over $420 million, which has been completed by the Consortium in Atyrau and Mangistau Regions, since 1998. This just shows how committed we are to supporting the communities in the regions where we work.”

“A number of social projects are currently in the design or construction phase, and we are working closely with the Akimates to finalise and deliver soon those projects soon, which include among others two more hospitals in Atyrau Region and one sanatorium for children.” he added.

Also today North Caspian Operating Company B.V. (NCOC) and NC Production Operations Company (NCPOC) handed over the new Centre for AIDS Prevention to the residents of Atyrau Oblast.

The new medical facility will cover the Oblast needs and will undertake proactive and antiepidemic measures to prevent HIV propagation within the region while providing competent medical assistance to patients. The Centre will provide a wide range of specialized services to HIV positive persons including assistance of gynaecologist, dermatovenerologist, dentist, psychologist, infectiologist, paediatrician as well as diagnostic testing.

The Centre is located in an easily accessible part of the town. It meets all sanitary standards and rules. The Centre departments are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics and treatment control. The departments operating in the Centre include a diagnostic laboratory with its sections conducting a wide range of special tests, therapeutic department, organisational and tutorial department, epidemiological department and other necessary organizational units.

Social Investment projects play an important role for NCOC as they allow the Consortium to respond directly to development aspirations of the local communities. The SIP Program focuses on gasification, electrification, water supply, construction of roads, kindergartens and hospitals. All projects are aligned with NCOC’s sustainable development strategic goals.

The event was attended by the Atyrau Region Deputy Akim Shyngys Mukan, representatives of Atyrau Region authorities, NCOC and NCPOC.



Source: NCOC Press Office

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