The 10 Coolest Spots in Atyrau You Should Visit

A host of politicians, oil industry leaders, nonprofit powerhouses, and creative minds call Atyrau Kazakhstan’s Oil capital. It’s where all oil companies reside. We usually spend liitle time finding information about this kind of people (you can look through our investigative articles at, but this time it's not our goal.
Those changemakers eat, drink, and shop like the rest of us, and local businesses serve up all they could want and more.

Atyrau’s bustling small-business scene has almost everything from a old school orient bazaars to a modern world standard night clubs and pubs.

Check out the coolest places you should visit in Atyrau below.


1. Bavarius

What it is: A high tech pub

Why it’s cool: A contemporary watering hole, Bavarius delights with a great selection of beers, some of them from their own brewery. The grub is a clever mix of pub food with local flavors and is a hit among the regulars. The pub itself is rather large and can accommodate parties. DJs and a dance floor keep the night moving and the crowd grooving. Good for hanging out with friends.

2. Petrovski

What it is: Restaurant

Why it’s cool: Awaken your taste-buds with mouth-watering food from across the globe. From Italian specialties to Thai favorites, the ambitious menu offers a variety of international delicacies to pick from. Have the time of your life and sample different cuisines all under one roof.

3. Koktem

What it is: Local market

Why it’s cool: Koktem is one of the three popular shopping markets in Atyrau. It houses small local shops and stalls which mostly sell daily needs like vegetables, fruits. Though the market lacks in variety, the quality of their products is well-known and they’re popular for their good produce. The large market also has shops which sell kitchen-ware like pots and pans.

4. Atyrau History Museum

What it is: Museum

Why it’s cool: The Atyrau History Museum is a storehouse of Kazakhstan’s history. Collections here included a number of historical artifacts including a replica of the local ‘Golden Man’ who is a 2nd Century Sarmatian chief. A must stop for all history lovers.

5. Saraishyk

What it is: A small lovely village

Why it’s cool: The legends of this medieval city lay amongst its ruins on the banks of the Ural river. Archaeologists and history buffs are intrigued by this land, once an epicenter of trade linking Europe and China. Saraishyk now lies as traditional Kazakh village intriguing visitors with its simplicity of life.

6. Technodom

What it is: Electronics mart

Why it’s cool: If bytes, wires, ram and circuits is what you love, then Technodom is your pit stop. This store sells all things electronic and has everything for the gadget lover could need. Offering great deals at competitive prices, their experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you find what you’re looking for.

7. Makhambet & Isatay Monument

What it is: Monument and a square

Why it’s cool: Legend has it that poets Makhambet Utemisov and Isatay Taymanov, freedom fighters of the 17th Century, ended Kazakh’s lost-standing intrinsic rebellion. To honor their memory, their namesake monument stands tall in Atyrau’s city center. The site attracts tourist throngs aplenty and is a vivid reminder of the city’s much-celebrated whimsical and historic heritage.

8. Dina market

What it is: Main local bazaar

Why it’s cool: Local souvenirs, fresh produce and cultural essence, that’s what makes Dina what it is. One of the best markets in town, take a walk down the market and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bustling crowd. Grab some local nuts, spices, vegetables, cheese and herbs for great prices. Team these with some fresh meat and you have a feast!

9. Ardager

What it is: Shopping mall

Why it’s cool: Looking for a place to go shopping? Then, Ardager is your bet. With an enviable repertoire of brands under its roof, this shopping center is impressive. Located on the effervescent Satpayev Street, if shopping calms you down, then head here for a day of gallivanting and stop only to grab a bite at one of the in-house restaurants. Retail therapy indeed!

10. O’Neill’s Pub

What it is: English style pub

Why it’s cool: Standing out because of it’s off beat name, O’Neill’s Pub is a lively watering hole. Offering great brews at reasonable prices, the place enjoys a loyal patronage and also attracts tourists who wish to have a piece of home. The food is pub grub at its best.



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