Tax revenues from individuals rise in Kazakhstan

Kazakh private owners paid taxes worth 26.6 billion tenges (approx. $146 million) between January and August 2014,, the analytic service said.

“The budget revenues from individuals’ property taxes rose by 13 percent compared to last year. The average property tax per citizen of Kazakhstan exceeded 1,500 tenge’s in 8 months,” the analysts said.

“Three regions – Almaty, Astana and Almaty province in total provided 49 percent of all tax revenues from the individuals’ properties. The private owners in the southern capital [Almaty] increased tax payments by 25 percent throughout the year, up to 7.2 million tenges,” the message read.

Analysts said that within the tax revenues from individuals’ properties, the main place is held by motor vehicles. Between Jan.-Aug. 2014, vehicle owners paid some 21.6 billion tenges to the budget. This figure holds 81.3 percent of the total property taxes of individuals.

The specific gravity of the property taxes stands at 14.8 percent (4 billion tenges).

Almaty provides 35 percent of all revenues from the individuals’ property tax (1.4 billion tenges), and Astana – 28.4 percent (1.1 billion tenges).



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