PS4 worldwide sales hit 10 million, Xbox One on 5 million

It’s already been a very successful Gamescom for Sony this year, as you can see for yourself if you check out our trailer round-up from their pre-show press conference. The trailer is saved at But perhaps the most important announcement of the night was made right at the beginning…

According to Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (who we’ve got an interview scheduled with tomorrow) the PlayStation 4 has now sold over 10 million consoles worldwide.

Ryan was very careful to emphasis that this was actual sales to customers, not just sold through to shops, and that puts it well ahead of the Xbox One on around 5 million and the Wii U (which had a year’s head start) on 7 million.

10 million sales in just nine months is extremely impressive, with Sony claiming it is selling at a faster rate than any of its previous consoles. And that’s despite the home console market having basically collapsed in Japan.

Most importantly the PlayStation 4 is still ahead in the US, with June sales figures showing that despite a price cut and the removal of Kinect the Xbox One is still lagging behind.

There’s still almost nothing between the two formats in the US though, and the Xbox One could easily take over the lead there with the right games. Plus, it has yet to launch in as many countries worldwide as the PlayStation 4 – even if none of them are particularly big game markets.


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