$100 million golf club will be constructed at Borovoe resort

A new golf club worth over $100 million will be constructed at Boroboe resort 250 km from Astana at the coast of Shuchye Lake by 2015, Tengrinews reports.

The golf club will have several 18-hole championship-class golf courses on the area of 103 hectares. “We have invited a South Korean company that has a huge experience in designing and constructing golf fields around the world. (…) The project is estimated at $106.5; it is supervised by KazTransOil-Service company,” the founder of Almaty Stroy-Kontrakt company, the general contractor of the golf club project, Sabit Tulegenov said.

According to KazTransOil’s Chairman Kairgeldy Kabyldin, KazTransOil is not involved in construction or financing of the elite golf club. KazTransOil-Service used to be owned by KazTransOil, Kazakhstan’s state-run oil export company, but that was a year ago, he said. It is now owned by KazMunaiGas-Service, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan’s state-run national oil and gas company KazMunaiGas.

The recreation complex will also have a 4 stars hotel designed by a French company, 17 small resort cottages, an indoor tennis court, a well-maintained beach with a dock and a water park.

The project will be completed in 2015, Sabit Tulegenov said. But according to other sources, some of the facilities will take around 3 years to construct.

The project will create 400 jobs for local residents.

The project announced two years ago is a new step towards development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone located in Burabai region (a district of Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan). Kazakhstan want to make the resort a recognizable brand to attract tourist from all over the world.

The elite project is part of Kazakhstan’s official plan of Industrial and Innovative Development.

Source: Tengrinews

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