Kazakh Ambassador in Rome: “Historical Chance For Italian Companies”

Doors wide open to Italian investors, withdrawal from Afghanistan of Italian troops through Kazakhstan and witness the Expo pass from Milan to Astana.

In the interview with Italian il Giornale, Kazakh Ambassador in Rome, Andrian Yelemessov, explains the importance of the recently signed Eurasian Union and which creates new economic opportunities to European countries.

Kazakhstan is striving to attract more foreign investment. What are the incentives?

Kazakhstan is a very attractive market for foreign investors including the Italians. In 2013 the GDP increased by 6%. And forecasts indicate that by 2014 to 2018 actual economic growth will be 6-7%. The are many State support mechanisms: the investor may obtain exemption from payment of customs duties, subsidies on public land, tax privileges for up to 7 years and industrial facilities.

In Kazakhstan, there are ten special economic zones. Each of these zones has its own peculiarities, i.e. a list of priority areas of development. For example, Shymkent Ontustik is engaged in the textile sector. In these special areas you have direct access to the common market of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus with 170 million consumers.”

For the Italian companies which are the most favourable areas of penetration?

Among the priority areas supported by the US Government are “clean energy”, robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering in agriculture and aerospace technology. In Kazakhstan, there will be an area of high-tech services in geology, engineering, information and communication, as well as the services for the production and maintenance of nuclear power plants and reactors.

The Euro-Asian economic Union treaty has been signed. Will be an alternative to the economic power of China and the European Union?

“The participation of Kazakhstan as a founder of the Eurasian Economic Union is not an option to something or someone. It is a historic event, a choice in favour of stable and effective development of our country. Through Russia and Belarus, which are closer to Europe, the distance will be decresed for cooperation, which has been already established with Italian partners.

Milan will pass the baton of the Expo to his country. Are you ready?

«For Expo 2017 the Government of Kazakhstan has allocated $1.25 billion. The surface of the exhibition complex in Astana will be 174 hectares. The Republic of Kazakhstan is preparing to implement the international Exposure at the highest level. ”

Will your country be a transit territory for the Italian withdrawal from Afghanistan?

«Yes, Kazakhstan will offer its territory for the transit of military equipment and personnel under the Italian operation of international forces in Afghanistan. Italian troops will deliver the military equipment by air and railway. By the end of 2014, the the United States, Germany, Spain and Britain will join the withdrawal operation.

Exploitation of the great deposit of Kashagan with a strong participation of Eni seems a bit frozen. What is the situation?

«The problem of Kashagan deposit lies in its uniqueness. It is unique in terms of the volume of reserves (more than 30 billion barrels) and in terms of its technical complexity. For this reason we have invited the best companies including the Italian Eni. The production of oil began in September 2013 after several years of delay, but it was suspended due to gas leaks in pipes. In April of this year it has been concluded that it will be impossible to operate the deposit in 2014. Most likely there will be a need to replace all damaged pipelines. The Government of Kazakhstan hopes that oil extraction will resume by the end of 2015».

Source: il Giornale

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